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"Hello, I’m Kim Woobin. It’s really an honor to me to participate in this meaningful campaign. I hope my little participation will give a bit more strength to ALS patients around the world. I will nominate 3 more people to do this challenge. they are actor Moon Wonjoo, actor Hong Seokcheon and Lee Jongsuk. Thank you." (x)(x)

Kim Woo Bin doing the ALS ice bucket challenge




Kim woo Bin fineshed his Ice Bucket challenge!! and nominated LEE JONG SUK & hong suk chun :D

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yayy ;w;

Hey hey hey heeeeeyyyyy

Woobin: "Hello, I am Kim Woo Bin. I am very honoured to be able to participate in such a meaningful campaign. I hope that my small contribution to it can, in whatever small way, bring strength to Lou Gehrig’s Disease patients around the world. […] The people I call upon next to participate are actor Moon Won Joo-sunbaenim, actor Hong Suk Cheon-sunbaenim and actor Lee Jong Suk-ssi. Thank you.”

woobin update his fancafe

Kim Woo Bin for Yakult

If Kim Woobin was your boyfriend..

Kim Woo Bin for KFC

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